Date: 11th October 2017

Creed 2: Sylvester Stallone confirms he’s directing.

Sylvester Stallone is taking over directing duties on Creed 2, that starts filming next year...

There’s significant progress in the land of Creed, with the news that the sequel is pressing ahead early next year, and it has a director in place.

That director is Sylvester Stallone, going behind the camera for the first time since 2010's The Expendables. He’s confirmed on his Instagram account that he’ll be helming the new film, rather than Ryan Coogler, who scored such a success with the first Creed. That said, Stallone has the small matter of four Rocky films he’s directed under his belt. He’s hardly a slouch, here.

Michael B Jordan will be back in the title role, with Dolph Lundgren appearing as Ivan Drago in the new movie. Creed 2 may well sneak into cinemas by the end of next year too

Source: Press Release