Date: 21st December 2000

The Sixth Sense Was The Year's Biggest Video Hit.

The Sixth Sense was the most popular movie rented at Blockbuster Video stores in the year 2000, the company said Wednesday.

The Bruce Willis thriller topped both the VHS and DVD lists issued by the company. For the first time, Blockbuster released separate lists for each format, breaking the top ten this way.

VHS: 1. The Sixth Sense; 2. The Green Mile; 3. Double Jeopardy; 4. Gladiator; 5. Three Kings; 6. The Perfect Storm; 7. Blue Streak; 8. Mission: Impossible II; 9. Runaway Bride; 10. Random Hearts.

DVD: 1. The Sixth Sense; 2. The Perfect Storm; 3. Gladiator; 4. Mission: Impossible II; 5. The Green Mile; 6. X-Men; 7. The Patriot; 8. The Whole Nine Yards; 9. Sleepy Hollow; 10. The World Is Not Enough.

Source: Studio Briefing