Date: 10th December 2000

Brit Stars Are Too Snobby

A Hollywood producer has slammed young British actors for being "too snobby" to have star quality.

MIKE MEDAVOY, a filmmaker with links to KEVIN COSTNER, MICHELLE PFEIFFER and JESSICA LANGE, reckons young British actors like KATE WINSLET and JUDE LAW are too obsessed with their craft to realise what excites the cinema-goer.

He says, "Being an actor and being a star are at cross purposes - they are entirely different things. "Perhaps it's because there's a pride in the art of acting and perhaps rightly a snobbery about not wanting to be a movie star. "I also detect a resentment here in Britain of people who go on to make it Hollywood. "There is an unhappiness about success, unless someone has spent a long time paying their dues. The only other place I have noticed Something similar is in Canada." (WV/WNSTI/NFA)

Source: WENN



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