Date: 5th May 2001

George Clooney Thinks Jennifer Lopez Is A Bitch

GEORGE CLOONEY has opened his heart to a bunch of strippers about his real feelings for Hollywood's royalty. The heart-throb wined and dined three strippers, ZENA, AMBER and ERICA, earlier this year (13FEB01) and told them his thoughts on his past co-stars. Among his revelations, according to the strippers, were that he allegedly finds his OUT OF SIGHT (1998) co-star JENNIFER LOPEZ mean, cold and nasty and his favourite co-star was MICHELLE PFEIFFER - who had him in a constant state of sexual arousal when they made ONE FINE DAY (1996). According to America's STAR magazine, Zena says, "I couldn't believe a superstar like him could bare his intimate thoughts with people he barely knew. " Zena adds, "He said Michelle Pfeiffer was his favourite co-star but that he felt nervous around her because he felt like he was in love with her. " About Lopez, Zena continues, "George said she was a real bitch and that she was cold and he hated having to kiss her because kissing her was gross. " (MB/TS/MCM

Source: WENN



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