Date: 28th August 2001

Brad Allowed To Have Affair With Pfeiffer

JENNIFER ANISTON has given husband BRAD PITT permission to have an affair with MICHELLE PFEIFFER - to thank him for giving her the go- ahead to cheat with STEVE TYLER.

The FRIENDS actress insists that the recent story about her crush on AEROSMITH star Tyler was taken far too seriously, and that the whole affair thing is just something she and her spouse joke about. But she admits that if she did have to pick somebody for her husband to mess around with, she'd understand him finding it tough to turn down Pfeiffer.

She says, "You say one thing then suddenly it's a soundbite. But yeah, I love Steven Tyler, I love Aerosmith, Steven Tyler to me is a very sexy man, and we always joked that I could have that one. On the flip side there's Michelle Pfeiffer. He can have that one. You couldn't say no to Michelle Pfeiffer. " (SVD/WNV/KW)

Source: WENN



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