Date: 10th May 2001

Michelle Pfeiffer's Supernatural Healing

Sexy actress MICHELLE PFEIFFER has a set formula to cheer herself up whenever she's feeling depressed - a trip to a psychic. The WHAT LIES BENEATH (2000) star admits that, although she used supernatural help to get her through sad times, she's now happy, and so feels no need to employ the services of a psychic. She says, "I found that when I was at my most miserable, I would go to psychics. But now that I'm really happy, I don't want to know if something bad is going to happen." But even with her use of psychics, Pfeiffer insists she's not a believer in ghosts and spirits. She explains, "I'd like to believe in them, because then maybe it would mean that somehow we could make sense of this world." (RGS/TVG/PDD)

Source: WENN