Date: 29th November 2000

Vanilla Sky Not Clouding Over

CAMERON CROWE'S new movie is reaching boiling point - as the director tries to keep stars and plot away from eager press.

VANILLA SKY features TOM CRUISE and CAMERON DIAZ, and Crowe is determined to protect the film's secrecy - but both of his stars have already had run-ins with over-eager photographers.

A movie insider claims Cruise lost his cool recently while he and Diaz were filming a scene inside a car on Manhattan, New York's Riverside Drive. The insider says, "One of the photographers took his camera right up to the car window and tried to shoot while they were filming the scene. Tom grabbed his arm and was cursing at him."

That day, Diaz drove the 100 yards (91 metres) from her trailer to the set to avoid the cameras, and large screens were erected around the set to block the photographers, another source said. (NFA/WNWCPS/CPT)

Source: WENN



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