Date: 11th March 2002

Sadie Warned Of 'Cruz Curse'

Actress SADIE FROST has been warned that sultry star PenÚlope Cruz carries a "Cruz curse" that could destroy her marriage to JUDE LAW. Cruz is set to star alongside the hunky Brit in upcoming flick DIARY OF A YOUNG LONDON PHYSICIAN (2002). And American columnist Gayle Gee has warned Frost that when male actors star alongside the latina lovely, their relationship usually ends in tears.

Gee says, "Co-starring with PenÚlope Cruz has been hazardous to actor's love lives. Need we remind you that MATT DAMON and WINONA RYDER called it quits after he filmed ALL THE PRETTY HORSES (2000) with Cruz?" As a final warning, Gee points out, "And then there's TOM CRUISE and NICOLE KIDMAN who split after VANILLA SKY (2001). Cruz went on to become Tom's girlfriend. "

Source: WENN



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