Date: 15th April 2002

Kidman: Cruise Break-Up Fall-Out Has Been 'Surreal'

Actress Nicole Kidman has described the aftermath of her break-up with Tom Cruise as "surreal". The Moulin Rouge (2001) star was divorced from Hollywood heart-throb Cruise last year (2001), as the hunk started a relationship with PenÚlope Cruz, who he had met the previous year (1999) whilst starring opposite her in Vanilla Sky (2001).

But raven-haired Kidman, who has refused to talk directly about the split, admits that whilst the episode was troubling, it has had a positive lasting effect on her. She explains, "I have had my life turned over. I am dinner-party gossip. I get looked at and talked about. I get embarrassed, but I throw it aside and try not to be. My whole life has been spent trying to push through and beat such things. In the weirdest way it has opened me up. I have carried the thought with me that whatever happens in the future it won't get much worse than this. "

Source: WENN



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