Date: 19th February 2014

John Cusack interested in The Shining sequel.

John Cusack has declared his interest in starring in a big screen adaptation of 'Doctor Sleep,' Stephen King's sequel to Shining, The (1980).

While there has been no definite talk of a 'Doctor Sleep' movie, Cusack singled it out in a Reddit Ask Me Anything Q&A as a project that he would "accept in a heartbeat" if it was offered to him.

Cusack would appear to be quite the Stephen King fan. Having taken an early role in atypical King short story adaptation 'Stand By Me,' the 47 year old actor is currently at work on another King adaptation, 'Cell' - which reunites him with Samuel L. Jackson, with whom Cusack previously co-starred in earlier King movie '1408.'

Published in September 2013, King's novel 'Doctor Sleep' follows the character of Danny Torrence - the little boy in 'The Shining,' portrayed by Danny Lloyd in Stanley Kubrick's 1980 film - as an adult. As will probably come as little surprise, his supernatural misadventures are far from over.

Given that pretty much any King novel or short story you might name eventually gets considered for a movie, it's no great stretch to see a 'Doctor Sleep' feature film getting off the ground - and who knows, perhaps Cusack's interest could be enough to prompt this.

Source: Press Release