Date: 14th May 2004

Brad Pitt says no more epics

Brad Pitt says Troy will be his first and last historical epic film.

Pitt plays Achilles in the movie which dominated the second day of the Cannes Film Festival.

"I'm done with the skirt," he joked at a press conference before adding that Jennifer Aniston liked it so much she wanted him to take it home.

Pitt said Hollywood worked in a "cyclical nature" and was currently going through a phase of making grand historical tales.

The movie trend came from "our collective consciousness", he said - but he added the film industry would probably soon be back to making baseball movies.

When asked about the parallels between the film's war story - based on Homer's Iliad - and the current situation in Iraq, he said: "The themes Homer seemed to be after resonate today."

Source: Press Release