Date: 29th January 2003

Superman actor to talk of his agony

Christopher Reeve is to talk about the agony he has endured since being paralysed from the neck down in 1995 in a TV documentary.

Christopher Reeve - Hope In Motion, follows his continuing battle to regain mobility and will be screened in February.

The Superman actor was followed by a BBC camera crew for six months last year.

He says the worst thing about being paralysed is that he hasn't been able to hug youngest son Will since he was three.

Reeve says: "The most difficult thing has been the loss of physical contact with the human race.

Will was almost three when I was hurt, he's never had a hug from me since. Things like a handshake are the biggest loss of all."

A BBC spokeswoman said: "
The documentary shows his remarkable efforts to build on regaining slight movement in one finger in November 2001. It is an honest, raw and open look at his life.

"It provides a unique insight into his life at home with his wife Dana and his family. It is a highly personal journey narrated by Reeve.

It also follows his personal journey, which is part of a larger political battle for the welfare of others who suffer from spinal cord injuries and central nervous system disorders."

Source: Press Release



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