Date: 4th August 2003

Superman curse strikes again

IT could be the kryptonite, but it seems the Superman curse is keeping the man of steel from flying again.
Hollywood insiders yesterday said Warner Bros studios had not been able to find an actor willing to don the cape and tights for the fifth Superman movie, tipped to be filmed in Sydney and Los Angeles.

Despite pre-production starting in LA, the studios have had a string of actors pull out because of script problems or because of the curse.

Legend has it that anyone who wears the red and blue costume will be hit by misfortune.

Caped-crusader candidate Ashton Kutcher said earlier this year the curse had influenced his decision not to accept the role.

The first victim was Kirk Alyn, who played Superman in TV serials from 1948-50, and made 40 movies before Superman but couldn't get a job afterward.

The Courier-Mail

Source: Press Release