Date: 30th May 2001

Reeve Laughs At Superman Role

CHRISTOPHER REEVE loves watching the screen test he did for SUPERMAN (1978) - because it's so funny.

The hunky actor, 48, shot to fame at the tender age of 25 in the 1978 movie, but still can't understand how he ever landed the part. He laughs, "They had to have been out of their minds. I was 6 foot 4 (1. 93 metres), but I was pretty skinny. It was a leap of faith. The makeup department came out with a fake set of upper body muscles, with biceps and everything, of foam rubber. I said, `I'm not going to do that. I promise, I'll go to the gym. '"

Reeve adds, "I think the reason that I wanted to be part of it was because it was a brand new venture which now has become the benchmark of all comic book movies. I didn't know that the movie would last, whether it would hold up as well as it does. "

After being paralysed six years ago this week in a riding accident, Reeves still directs and acts in movies. (KW/WNWCGG)

Source: WENN



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