Date: 25th June 2002

Cruise & Spielberg's Dream Come True

Steven Spielberg has told of how he has waited twenty years to direct a film with Tom Cruise as the lead role, and now that Minority Report (2002) has been finished he can wait and see how successful it will be.

The two met in the early eighties and have since become friends away from the business, Spielberg says, "I think that we always knew we were going to work together. I said when I first met Tom on the set of Risky Business (1983), I really want to direct you in a movie. It was going to happen and it was not going to happen because we forced it to happen. It was going to happen because something just felt right. We've come close a couple of times, but we felt really, really good about this one. "

Cruise is happy with the result of the film and he seems keen to do a follow up, "Steven's been my friend for many years and to have this chance to work with him, I can just say it was the greatest experience I ever had. It was extraordinary for me. It's something that I would like to do again."

Source: Press Release



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