Date: 29th April 2001

Soderbergh Takes Up Irish Option

Top American movie-maker STEvEN SODERBERGH has bought the option on a film written by a little-known Irish rockabilly group.

The TRAFFIC (2000) director met up with Dublin band THE MOSQUITOES when they played at the HILLBILLY WASHBOARD music festival in Kentucky.

Group member WILLO O'BRIEN says,"He was in Kentucky for the festival and approached us after our set. We told him we had a great idea for a movie which we had written but couldn't get any backing for back home. "We told him the plot of THE BUCKLE BOYS and he immediately took an option on it. We've also been commissioned to do five musical tracks for the movie. Up to a month ago two of us were working as cab drivers in Dublin, now we're Hollywood bound." (RXT/ISP/PDD)

Source: WENN