Date: 12th September 2001

Nicole Accuses Tom Of Hiding Money

Actress NICOLE KIDMAN is accusing her ex-husband TOM CRUISE and his financial aides of hiding his wealth. In July (01) both parties were asked to provide information about their assets - MISSION IMPOSSIBLE (1996) star Cruise is the richer of the pair, he reportedly received $25 million (19 million) to star in STEVEN SPIELBERG thriller MINORITY REPORT (2002). MOULIN ROUGE (2001) beauty Kidman's lawyers claims Cruise has been unhelpful and has not let them question his money managers.

Kidman's counsel SORRELL TROPE wrote to Cruise's aides, saying, "We need to trace the purchase of assets through commingled accounts. "This is beginning to appear to us to be a course of conduct designed to stall and stonewall. Be assured we intend to document to the court every one of your delays. " However reports surfaced this week that the estranged pair may meet face-to-face to discuss it. A friend says, "There's no way Tom wants his finances aired in open court. I think he may be ready to buckle. " (ES/WNWDN)

Source: WENN



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