Date: 11th September 2001

George Clooney Splits From Model Lisa Snowdon For Good

GEORGE CLOONEY and his British girlfriend LISA SNOWDON have called it quits for good. A friend of Hollywood's most infamous playboy admits the glamorous couple have split due to excessive work commitments.

The unnamed pal admits, "She's definitely not in the loop anymore. " The pal says Clooney has been working so hard, he's got no time for romance in his life. "George has been working night and day on OCEAN'S 11 (2001)," admits his friend. "Together with Steven Soderbergh, George is putting everything he's got into the film. It's very important to him that it becomes a success. "

Clooney was spotted sunbathing with a mysterious brunette while in Italy in July (01) but then a week later was seen enjoying a romantic dinner with Snowdon. Since then Clooney and Snowdon have not made a public appearance together. The 40-year-old actor has been enjoying his new single status by going on drinking binges with friends.

Over the weekend the hunk was spotted partying at the Whisky Bar at Beverly Hill's SUNSET MARQUIS HOTEL. An on-looker says, "He seemed to be enjoying himself immensely. He had women approaching him all night. He'd chat to them, buy them drinks and then have his photo taken with them. " (MB/WN/KMW)

Source: WENN



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