Date: 23rd April 2002

Spider-Man Stars Get Fitter

Spider-Man (2002) star Tobey Maguire beefed up for his superhero role - but co-star Kirsten Dunst believes she deserves the plaudits for her physical efforts.

The actress - who describes her character Mary Jane Watson as "Spider-man's b*tch" - was worn out by months of bruising filming after deciding to perform her own stunts.

She says, "Tobey worked hard to get into shape for the role - but they put me through more torture than him. They had me falling from buildings and dangling in the air for hours. I've never had so many bruises! I'd go home sore, but it'll all be worth it."

And the 19-year-old veteran of more than 30 movies admits she would struggle to match her character's lust for the wall-climbing hero - because of his choice of costume. "Tights are hard to wear," she laughs. "I prefer guys in bathing trunks!"

Source: WENN



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