Date: 31st March 2002

Spike: Hollywood Is Still Unequal

Director Spike Lee is unconvinced Hollywood has changed its attitude to black people after Halle Berry and Denzel Washington's triumphs last Sunday (24 March 2002).

The Malcolm X (1992) helmer says he will not be completely satisfied tinseltown has changed its attitude to non-white citizens until more producers and studio executives are "of colour. "

Spike discussed Halle and Denzel with students at The University Of Toledo in Ohio on Wednesday night (27 March 2002). Spike says, "Is this a signal that once and for all Hollywood is colourblind and we're all on the same playing field? I don't think so. We have to see what happens. "Let's not get too hyped up. Let's not go crazy and think we've been delivered because of what happened. "When SIDNEY (POITIER) won for LILIES OF THE FIELD, people probably felt the same way and it was another 40 years until Denzel won. "

Source: WENN



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