Date: 26th October 2000

Denzel's Disappearing Act

DENZEL WASHINGTON is reportedly alienating the cast and crew of his new film JOHN Q - because he keeps disappearing from the set.

The MALCOLM X star has gone missing twice in the last month (OCT00) according to American website FOXNEWS.COM - with the Baseball World Series in New York accounting for the actor's latest wanderings.

When Washington failed to return from the game last Sunday (22OCT00) "scenes had to be changed around for shooting on Monday because of it" according to a source.

Washington had already been caught out last month (21SEP00) when he claimed he had to go to the premiere of his film REMEMBER THE TITANS in Los Angeles - but was spotted on TV at the MUCH MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS, broadcast live from Toronto, Canada.

The source says, "When the camera caught him with LENNY KRAVITZ, he kind of ducked his head down."


Source: WENN