Date: 22nd September 2000

Rosie Has Forgiven Spike

Sexy Hollywood actress ROSIE PEREZ has forgiven director SPIKE LEE for the misery she endured in his movie DO THE RIGHT THING.

Perez used to rage against Lee for the way he shot her nude scenes in the movie. But Perez came to hail Spike at Wednesday's (20SEPT00) INDEPENDENT FEATURE PROJECT'S GOTHAM AWARDS.

"Despite all the controversy and all the gossip," Perez said "I'm very proud to have been a part of a film that stands the test of time." Perez recalled how, after eight hours of takes on the opening dance sequence, she lost her temper with Lee, who only quipped, "That's good. Now you're ready to shoot."

Perez said, "I was so mad at you, Spike. But I was young. I was new. And I didn't understand. Thank you for that, Spike." (JM/WNWDN)

Source: WENN



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