Date: 24th September 2000

Spike Lee: Damon Wayans Won't Do Press

Former IN LIVING COLOR star DAMON WAYANS avoided a recent press junket for his starring role as a television executive in the new SPIKE LEE film, BAMBOOZLED because he was unhappy with the final cut.

The SUMMER OF SAM director explains, "Well, it's two fold. There's getting ready to be a strike with the Writers Guild and SAG (Screen Actors' Guild) and he's got a show on ABC (MY WIFE N KIDS) that's coming out so he's working non stop. "And also he had some problems with the way the film turned out."

WAYANS younger brother MARLON, currently starring in the upcoming film, REQUIEM FOR A DREAM had a conversation with DAMON about distancing himself from the press. The IN LIVING COLOR star wanted to avoid answering countless controversial questions.

He elaborates, "
Damon's words to me wasn't he hated the movie. I think there's gonna be a lot of controversy and I don't know if he wants to focus all his attention in answering the amount of press that this movie's gonna get. "This movie's gonna be very controversial and everybody and their mother is gonna be asking him the question if he's the spokesman for all black people.

Damon said he's gonna go to the premiere with a shirt that says, `Ask Spike!'"


Source: WENN