Date: 17th August 2001

Allen Would Hire Tom Cruise

Intellectual filmmaker WOODY ALLEN is going populist - he'd love to hire megastar TOM CRUISE for a movie.

The ANNIE HALL (1977) man, known for using character actors like DIANE KEATON and ALAN ALDA in his award-winning films, would love to chance to work with Cruise or fellow A-lister TOM HANKS.

He says, "Any of these guys would be great and would do, you know, a better job than I do. I'd have these charismatic stars in the picture. But it's hard to get them because they work 365 days. "

And the 65-year-old director-actor is keen to hire other stars - because he can only play a few roles. He adds, "I can play, you know, a sort of New York neurotic character close to what I am. I mean I could play a writer or a musician. And I can play a lowlife. " (NFA/WNWCGG)

Source: WENN



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