Date: 15th April 2001

Warren Beatty Blames Producers For Town And Country Delay

WARREN BEATTY is blaming Hollywood producers for his latest film's three-year journey to the big screen. TOWN AND COUNTRY (2000), which also stars GOLDIE HAWN and DIANE KEATON, was first shot two years ago - but had over a year's break before the stars managed to film the end.

The film has been plagued by reports of budget troubles, script rewrites and scenes having to be reshot. Beatty knows who to blame for the delay - he says, "It's one of the oddest production situations that I've ever seen, but they took a really brave gamble because they started without a finished script. "They did that because they were gonna lose a couple of the actors if they didn't start it so we then had to come back and finish the picture after that." (MB/WN/NFA)

Source: WENN