Date: 20th May 2001

Keaton: Woody Thinks I'm An Idiot

DIANE KEATON and WOODY ALLEN have worked together on eight movies - but don't expect the actress to start collaborating on a script with Allen.

The ANNIE HALL star counts the eccentric director as one of her best pals - although she's convinced he thinks she's stupid. She says, "He thinks I'm an idiot. He does. Call him up and ask him and he'll tell you. The truth is, he thinks I'm an idiot, but he likes me. "

And the actress admits she had a crush on Allen when she first met him on the Broadway set of PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM. She adds, "I thought he was so cute. I tried to make him like me. And he's not social - he isn't somebody who runs around making a lot of new friends. So therefore, he didn't have much of a choice. " (NFA/WNWCGG)

Source: WENN