Date: 1st August 2001

Fame Ruined Jennifer Lopez

Latina star JENNIFER LOPEZ was once a sweet, loving wife - until fame turned her into a demanding diva, according to her ex-husband.

The OUT OF SIGHT (1998) beauty wed Cuban OJANI NOA before finding success as an actress and singer - and her career wrecked first their love life, then her personality. Noa tells America's STAR MAGAZINE,

"She'd fly into a rage if I looked at another woman. We broke up because all she ever thought about was her career. It got so bad, she was too tired to make love. "

The 10-month marriage collapsed in 1998 when Jennifer began seeing rapper SEAN 'PUFFY' COMBS, who co-produced her debut album. It was almost a blessing in disguise - because fed-up Noa wanted out of the relationship.

He adds, "Fame made her less attractive. The richer she became, the more she thought she could demand from people, including me. The more famous she got, the more I realized she wasn't the person I fell in love with. " (NFA/WNWSMG/KMW)

Source: WENN