Date: 2nd September 2003

Clooney awarded sexiest sexless movie moment title

Film buffs have compiled a list of the 50 sexiest movie moments of all time that do not actually feature any sex.

Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney came out on top with a steamy scene from 1998's Out Of Sight.

The scene is between Clooney's escaped bank robber and J-Lo's US Marshall when they find themselves locked together in the boot of a getaway car.

The pair do not even kiss - but Empire magazine rated it the sexiest sex-free movie moment in history.

"Flirting for grown-ups by two of the most attractive people alive, with a bit of hostage fantasy and sly bondage thrown in - what's not to like?" the magazine said.

Second on the list is the swordfighting scene from The Mask Of Zorro in which Catherine Zeta Jones duels with Antonio Banderas.

Other memorable scenes to make the Top 10 include Mena Suvari's pouting cheerleader routine in American Beauty, and the moment Olivia Newton-John appears in eyewateringly tight trousers for the final scene in Grease.

Empire's Top Ten:

1. Out Of Sight (1998) - J-Lo and George Clooney get personal in the boot of a getaway car
2. Mask of Zorro, The (1998) - Catherine Zeta Jones swordfights with Antonio Banderas
3. Batman Returns (1992) - Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman wrestles with Michael Keaton's hero
4. Big Sleep (1946) - Steamy conversation between Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall
5. American Beauty (1999) - Mena Suvari does her cheerleader routine just for Kevin Spacey
6. American Gigalo (1980) - Richard Gere gets dressed for a night on the town
7. Viva Las Vegas (1964) - Ann-Margret partners Elvis on the dancefloor
8. Witness (1985) - Harrison Ford shares a longing look with Amish widow Kelly McGillis
9. Grease (1978) - Olivia Newton-John's raunchy image change
10. One Night At McCool's (2001) - Liv Tyler gets soapy while washing the car

Source: Press Release