Date: 2nd December 2001

Jennifer Lopez - Diva Supreme

Latino lovely JENNIFER LOPEZ is still doing nothing to halt her reputation as being a showbiz diva on her British travels. The OUT OF SIGHT (1998) actress arrived at last night's (30th November 2001) Top Of The Pops Awards in the midst of a fleet of 16 limousines which were also carrying her extensive entourage the half a mile (0. 8km) from their hotel.

Despite the awards being hosted in Manchester, J-Lo was so suspicious that a Mancunian firm would not be able to deliver that the limos were hired all the way from London. But the newly-married singer did poke fun at herself before her performance, saying,

"I'd like to thank my two chefs, my couch carrier, my chauffeur, my masseuse, my 20 bodyguards, six dancers and two handmaidens."

Jen was not the only diva out in force - troubled singer MARIAH CAREY had demanded at the last minute that her dressing room be redecorated from blue velvet, to American stars and stripes. (JLM/WNTEX/BRC)

Source: WENN