Date: 14th May 2001

Lopez Loses Sex Tape Lawsuit

LATEST: Sexy starlet JENNIFER LOPEZ has filed - and lost - a lawsuit against DEATH ROW RECORDS for invasion of privacy.

The OUT OF SIGHT (1998) actress had been angered by reports that rap mogul MARION "SUGE" KNIGHT owned a video of her making love to an ex-boyfriend.

So Lopez - who also likes to go by the name J. LO - filed an invasion of privacy lawsuit against his DEATH ROW RECORDS, who apparently planned to release the steamy flick, on Friday (11MAY01). But Knight's lawyer immediately hit back, stating that Knight did not have a sex video of Lopez, but that one of his companies was merely producing a video entitled J-LO UNCUT: THE REAL STORY.

Death Row attorney JEFFREY LOWY says, "My client is currently producing a videotape entitled J. Lo Uncut: Tha Real Story. " But he added that Knight "does not possess a so-called 'sex tape' involving Ms. Lopez and an ex-boyfriend. "

And yesterday (13MAY01) a SUPERIOR COURT judge in California refused to issue a temporary restraining order barring Knight from marketing the video. Knight is soon to leave jail after a five-year stint in state prison for an assault-related probation violation. The rap impresario has long been a fierce rival of Lopez's ex- boyfriend, SEAN 'PUFFY' COMBS. (MCM/WNWCEY&WNWCDO)

Source: WENN



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