Date: 9th July 2001

Brando Clashes With Muppet Man

Screen legend MARLON BRANDO has clashed with his latest director on the set of SCORE, the (2001).

The Movie giant would refuse to come to the set if director FRANK OZ was present, leaving co-star ROBERT DE NIRO to direct one of Brando's scenes.

Oz - who provided the voice to MISS PIGGY on THE MUPPET SHOW, at the beginning of his career - watched from an offsite monitor and sent instructions to DeNiro via an assistant director. When they were in the same room, Brando called Oz 'Miss Piggy.'

The film stars Brando as an elderly gay crook orchestrating the biggest heist of his career, DeNiro as a thief ready for retirement and EDWARD NORTON as an aspiring young thug.

The 77-year-old Brando earned about $3 million (2 million) for three weeks of work. The film cost nearly $70 million (46. 6 million). (KW/WNWCGG/IG)

Source: WENN



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