Date: 12th July 2001

Marlon Brando Makes An Appearance

Legendary actor MARLON BRANDO will make a rare appearance in a film opening tomorrow (13Jul01) - five years after his last major role. The 77-year-old appears for only few minutes in SCORE, The (2001) which opens in America tomorrow.

But while the overweight star may look a far cry of his former self, he still has the same eccentricities. On the set of SCORE, The (2001), co-starring ROBERT DE NIRO, THE WILD ONE clashed with the director FRANK OZ and refused to be on set at the same time as OZ.

"He was kind of monstrous," says a source on the set. And this behaviour is only one of many bizarre incidents. In the 1970s he turned up on the set of APOCALYPSE NOW (1979), having failed to learn his lines. And five years ago he famously messed around during production of island Of Dr. Moreau, The (1996).

BRANDO, who lives by himself in Los Angeles says, "I plan to clone myself, with all my talent and none of my neuroses. " (KMW/WNBGU/IG)

Source: WENN