Date: 7th September 2001

New Brando Biography Reveals Bitter Old Man

A new biographer of MARLON BRANDO insists the movie icon is a bitter man who loves to bad-mouth fellow Hollywood stars, is full of self hatred and gets on better with animals then people.

Author PATRICIA BOSWORTH's unauthorised biography, simply titled MARLON BRANDO, reveals the 77-year-old star to be an eccentric who used to take baths with his pet racoon, and loves to verbally shred his peers, his family - and himself. "He says Frank Sinatra's the kind of person, when he gets to heaven he's going to be mad at God for making him bald," a publishing industry source told tabloid magazine

THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER. The source added, Brando claimed he doesn't like his own son MIKO, once called himself a "balding middle aged failure", and hated his late father so much he told a friend, "I want to smash his face and watch him spit out his teeth. " The book is set to hit bookstore shelves on September 10 (01). (LE/NE/IG)

Source: WENN