Date: 16th January 2004

Stiller 'wants Streisand for Meet the Fockers'

Ben Stiller is reportedly trying to sign up Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman for the sequel to Meet the Parents.

Asked about the progress of Meet the Fockers at the US premiere of his new movie Along Came Polly, the actor revealed filming has been pushed back to allow more time on casting.

Empire reports shooting had been due to begin in March, but Stiller says he's still trying to talk Streisand and Hoffman into playing the parents of his character Gaylord Focker.

The 2000 original of Meet The Parents focused on a future son-in-law meeting his fiancee's father (Robert De Niro) for the first time.

De Niro looks set to reprise his role in the sequel, which will shift the humour to the son-in-law's parents, the Fockers.

Source: Press Release



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