Date: 13th June 2001

Psycho Tops List Of 100 Most Thrilling Movies

ALFRED HITCHCOCK's PSYCHO (1960) is officially the most thrilling film of all time having topped the AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE'S (AFI) list of 100 most thrilling movies.

In second place was STEVEN SPIELBERG's JAWS (1975) with legendary horror flick EXORCIST, the (1973) coming in third.

Hitchcock, who directed JANET LEIGH and ANTHONY PERKINS in Psycho, which included his infamous shower scene, had nine movies on the list with two others in the top ten - NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959) at number four and BIRDS, the (1963) at number seven.

Spielberg had six films, including RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (1981) at number 10.

The thrillers' list was chosen by about 1,800 directors, actors, studio executives, critics and others in Hollywood, who voted from a field of 400 nominated movies.

While the list was heavy on horror, mystery and murder, it also included suspense dramas. GODFATHER, the (1972) ranked 11th, GREAT ESCAPE, the (1963) was 19th, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (1962) was 23rd and CASABLANCA (1942) 37th.

And it featured Westerns such as HIGH NOON (1952) (No 20) and BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID (1969) (54), the boxing film ROCKY (1976) (52) and even WIZARD OF OZ, the (1939) (43). (LE/WNWCNN/RP)

Source: WENN