Date: 25th February 2001

Hannibal Star's Undercover Adventure

HANNIBAL star JULIANNE MOORE once shut herself in the boot of a car - so she could get in to see an R-rated drive-in movie.

Moore, who admits she loves scary movies, says when she was 15, she and a girl friend allowed themselves to be hidden in a car boot so they could be smuggled in to see THE EXORCIST. But the OSCAR nominated actress says she wasn't scared by the movie, as she was paying more attention to her boyfriend than the big screen. She says, "I saw it when I was 15 and at a drive-in and it wasn't scary because I was making out with my 18-year-old boyfriend! "Me and my girlfriend snuck in the trunk of the car, it was all about that." (LE/EW/CPT)

Source: WENN