Date: 9th May 2001

Cage's Smashing Time On Captain Corelli

Action hero NICOLAS CAGE was terrified of getting injured on the set of CAPTAIN CORELLI's MANDOLIN (2001) - by Greek plate smashers! The OSCAR-winning actor was fearless while re-enacting furious WORLD WAR II battles with guns and tanks. But he admits he steered well clear of the ancient local tradition of crockery carnage on the Greek island of Cephalonia. At a high spirited on-set party, Cage witnessed one movie extra receive facial injuries that left him covered in blood. Cage says, "I remember this one guy was really drunk while the barman was throwing champagne bottles at his feet. This poor guy had his eyes shut and was dancing like a blind man while the bottles were smashing next to him on the floor. Of course the glass was flying up into his face and he was bleeding. He didn't even know he was injured and no-one helped him!"

Source: WENN