Date: 18th April 2001

Jennifer Lopez Reignites Row With Cindy Crawford

JENNIFER LOPEZ's war of words with supermodel CINDY CRAWFORD has taken a nasty turn in Germany after Lopez asked: "Who is Cindy Crawford?"

The two sex symbols have been sniping at each other since Crawford criticised the size of the LOVE DON'T COST A THING hitmaker's bottom.

The 30-year-old singer and actress' curves have made her a favourite among women as well as men, and she is often cited as an example of the trend away from stick-thin models and singers in the media. But despite this, Lopez attacked the current criticism of thin women in the public eye such as KATE MOSS and ALLY MCBEAL star CALISTA FLOCKHART.

She told German women's magazine JOURNAL FUER DIE FRAU, "I am totally against criticising these women just because they are thin. It would be just as idiotic if they only defined me by my curves." When reminded about Crawford's uncomplimentary remarks about her bottom, she simply replied: "Who is Cindy Crawford?" (RP/WNWCAN/ES)

Source: WENN



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