Date: 30th April 2001

Grace Kelly Most Elegant Woman Ever

Screen goddess GRACE KELLY has been voted the most elegant woman ever.

Fifties star Grace, who appeared in HIGH SOCIETY (1956), was followed in second place by AUDREY HEPBURN in the WOMAN'S JOURNAL survey.

LAUREN BACALL and SOPHIA LOREN were also in the top ten. PRINCESS DIANA was third and French actress CATHERINE DENEUVE fourth. Of today's stars, actress CATHERINE ZETA JONES, 31, was fifth and supermodel KATE MOSS, 27, eighth.

Woman's Journal editor ELSA McALONAN said, "BRITNEY SPEARS and MADONNA may set fashion trends, but elegance is an elusive, timeless quality."

The TOP TEN are:
1 GRACE KELLY (Monagasque princess, 1929-1982)
2 AUDREY HEPBURN (British actress, 1929-1993)
4 CATHERINE DENEUVE (French actress, 1943-)
5 CATHERINE ZETA JONES (Welsh actress, 1969-)
6 ISABELLA ROSSELLINI (Italian-Swedish actress, 1952-)
7 LAUREN BACALL (American actress, 1924- )
8 KATE MOSS (English model, 1974-)
9 SOPHIA LOREN (Italian actress, 1934-)
10 CHARLOTTE RAMPLING (English actress, 1946-)

Source: WENN



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