Date: 30th September 2000

Gere's Girlfriend Begs Him To Make Her His Wife

New dad RICHARD GERE's begging live-in lover CAREY LOWELL to have his baby - but she says she'll only do it if they marry.

But according to pals, as much as Gere, 51, is enjoying fatherhood with his son HOMER, he has been alter-shy since his marriage to supermodel CINDY CRAWFORD collapsed.

A pal says, "Unless he puts a ring on her finger she's not having another child. "Richard told Carey, 'We're happy now. Why ruin a good thing?' But Carey wants to be his wife, not just a baby maker."

Devout Buddhist Gere is meditating on his decision, but a pal adds, "
My bet is they'll be married by the end of the year, because this is the best relationship either of them has ever had."


Source: WENN