Date: 5th February 2001

Cindy Crawford's Poo Problem

Supermodel CINDY CRAWFORD's son PRESLEY is obsessed by poo.

The beautiful brunette admits her 19-month-old little boy is fascinated by bodily functions and can't help talking about it. She explains, "He's just starting to put words together and he's also just finished his potty training. "So we went down to the beach and he decided that he had to go to a number 2. "So he did it there and then and I had to get it off the beach. So I picked it up and threw it into a bush."

She continues, "But he's become infatuated with anything to do with the body so we had to go over and look at it. But there were flies on it eating it and he said to me 'Mm, that tastes good.'"(MB/WNV/KW)

Source: WENN