Date: 24th March 2001

Jason Biggs Makes Fun of American Pie Pals

JASON BIGGS loves being on the set of AMERICAN PIE 2 (2001)- because he can annoy all his friends about the fame they've achieved.

It's been three years since the original teen comedy was filmed and Biggs says it's a constant source of amusement for stars such as CHRIS KLEIN and SEANN WILLIAM SCOTT as to how far they've all come.

He says, "We give each other a hard time. We've all gone off and made other movies since. We laugh about it 'cause we can't believe where we've gone in the last three years. We all started with American Pie, we were all wet behind our ears and we're taking this ride together." But he admits there's just as many on-set pranks as there always were. He adds, "It's the same as it was the first time around. I was sceptical but confident that it would be pretty much the same, we picked up right where we left off." (MB/WN/MCM

Source: WENN