Date: 19th October 2000

Road Trip Star Shocks Parents

ROAD TRIP actor SEANN WILLIAM SCOTT tried to stop his mum seeing his films - because he knew they'd shock her.

The hunky actor, who also stars in raunchy teen comedy AMERICAN PIE, didn't mind the rude jokes and sexy comments in his films - but knew that his god-fearing mother would.

He explains, "I wasn't worried about my dad - I knew he'd like it. But my Mom is a pretty strong church-going lady and I warned her for about a year about American Pie. "I explained that I swore in it and that it was a bit racy, but she absolutely loved it! She took all her church friends to see it. "I think she realised it was just a movie and it's meant to be fun.

But the one thing I forgot to warn her about with Road Trip was the sperm bank scene. "When I asked her about the movie afterwards, she said, 'You forgot to tell me about that scene, Seann, and I found it a little uncomfortable to watch.' "But when she saw it again she laughed her butt off." (NFA/STA/CPT)

Source: WENN