Date: 10th March 2001

Juliette Lewis' Breakdown Over Brad

Actress JULIETTE LEWIS found it so difficult to cope with her break-up with BRAD PITT that she had a nervous breakdown.

The CAPE FEAR star fell hopelessly in love with the Hollywood hunk at the tender age of 16 and they later got engaged. But their romance was short-lived, and had a devastating impact on both Lewis' career and personal life.

She says, "I didn't really care about work any more and Brad had just done INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE and LEGENDS OF THE FALL and there were posters of him everywhere. That was hard and made me feel sad."

The pretty actress's confidence quickly began to melt away and depression set in. She recalls, "I had a breakdown. I was 23 and had everything I wanted but I was so miserable. I didn't know where to turn. "So I went away for a few years. I didn't know what I wanted to do. I was becoming increasingly depressed and I was smoking a lot of marijuana to try to feel better. "I felt very vulnerable at that time, as if I had this outer skin that everyone saw as Juliette Lewis the actress, But inside I was a mess." (RP/EL/KW)

Source: WENN