Date: 30th January 2001

Hopkins Is A Fan Of Brad's

SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS has utmost respect for BRAD PITT because of the way he handled himself during his break-up with GWYNETH PALTROW.

The two actors were working together on MEET JOE BLACK when the hot Hollywood couple split. Up to that point, Hopkins wasn't Pitt's number one fan because the heart-throb reminded him of making LEGENDS OF THE FALL, which remains one of the films he least enjoyed acting in.

Hopkins says, "I like Brad. I wasn't too keen on Legends. I didn't see it in fact. It was a bit too long. "But I have good memories of working with him on Meet Joe Black. It was at the time he was breaking up with Gwyneth Paltrow. We were shooting on Fifth Avenue. "He sat in a doorway out of sight of the cameras. He said, `I'm sorry about all of this.'" (KL/TVG/MCM)

Source: WENN



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