Date: 24th January 2001

Sean Penn & Jack Nicholson Are just Ordinary Blokes

Director SEAN PENN and movie star JACK NICHOLSON like to get together in local bars rather than posh restaurants. Whenever they wanted to discuss ideas about the upcoming film THE PLEDGE, they went for a pint rather than the hoity toity hot spots in Hollywood because they feel more comfortable in a down to earth environment.

Penn explains, "In all of our pasts there's a corner bar we used to drink at. In different company we're just more comfortable going there than Spagos. Jack and I meet down at the corner bar. "It's the one that he was at before I was born. It was the one I went to before I met him and it's our territory together." Penn, , has such a tight collaboration with his AS GOOD AS IT GETS star from previously working together on THE CROSSING GUARD that he entrusted Nicholson with editing certain scenes. (RXM/WN/PDD)

Source: WENN