Date: 29th November 2000

Spiderman In Trouble

The new SPIDERMAN film may be in trouble after reports that executives are "unhappy" with the current script.

The SAM RAIMI film, starring TOBEY MAGUIRE, has been shrouded in secrecy - but it has been reported that executives at SONY PICTURES don't like the script, and are considering ditching it in favour of an old screenplay by TITANIC director JAMES CAMERON.

Cameron wrote his treatment for the movie in 1991, when he had high hopes of directing the movie himself, and Sony only ended up acquiring his treatment in a legal settlement with a rival studio, MGM.

The current screenplay, set to begin filming in January (01), is a SCOTT ROSENBERG rewrite based on DAVID KOEPP's original. There are also reports that the script may have to be written while the film is being shot. (ALS/WNWCPO/CPT)

Source: WENN



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