Date: 2nd September 2000

John Turturro Turned Kubrick Down.

THE LUHZIN DEFENCE star JOHN TURTURRO is relieved he was too busy to take a role in EYES WIDE SHUT when STANLEY KUBRICK offered it to him - because he thinks it was a dreadful film.

The BARTON FINK actor was devastated when he had to turn the part down because he would have loved to have worked with Kubrick - but once he saw the finished product he was pleased. He explains, "It was so childish, so stupid. The idea that a man can't handle his wife's fantasies. Everyone has fantasies, everyone is tempted. It's part of all our experience. It's how you act on those fantasies."

And he admits he's fallen for another woman since he married wife KATHERINE BOROWITZ 20 years ago. He says, "Nothing happened but it was hard for everyone. Because I know that an action can hurt a person, really hurt them and when you know this and love someone you can't do it."


Source: WENN