Date: 30th June 2001

Tom's Trailer Wars

TOM CRUISE has a massive trailer on the set of his new film. The EYES WIDE SHUT (1999) star is filming MINORITY REPORT (2002) on location in Los Angeles, Virginia and Washington D. C, America.

And crew members say his trailer is far bigger than director STEVEN SPiELBERG's. The source says, "It's huge, and it's so funny, because Tom's trailer is right next to Steven's, which is absolutely dwarfed by comparison. "

When asked about the winnebago, Cruise's representative says, "It's his own trailer. He's had it for years. It has an office, a bedroom, a meeting room, and it's equipped with a big-screen TV, so Tom can watch all that sporting stuff he loves. He takes it to all his sets. " (IG/WNWE/RP)

Source: WENN



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