Date: 1st November 2000

Brad Pitt's Farty Parties

Hollywood hunk BRAD PITT has an obsession with farting - and likes nothing better than a good old bottom joke.

The handsome SEVEN hunk spends time between takes on his movie sets making rude noises with fart generating machines and finds toilet humour his most enjoyable pastime.

One production aide on his latest movie THE MEXICAN - which Pitt filmed alongside JULIA ROBERTS in Mexico earlier this year (00) - was astonished to discover the star's obsession with all things naughty. He says, "Brad had just been given a remote control fart machine and he'd leave it around the house he was staying in so anybody who came in and didn't know about it would be caught out. "He'd go into the next room and set off the machine and literally roar with laughter when the machine went off.

"Somebody working on the set had a brother who could fart a SPICE GIRLS song and Brad was so amused by the story he invited him to the movie's wrap party so he could see him in action!" (SVD/WN/CPT)

Source: WENN



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